Ashley Peterson writes, “Right now, ALDI’s target market focuses on an older demographic as they find the stores easy to navigate (Barclay, 2015). However, millennials appear to be leading food trends. What do millennials want? ‘Local, craft, and fermented foods, and big international flavors. Millennials also want connection and community, which stores can foster with seasonal events, tastings, and cooking demos,’ (Barclay, 2015)”.

Oh, the challenges facing grocery retailers. Depending on where you live, you might have access to an independent grocery store, a regional chain, a national supermarket chain, a warehouse club, or a niche grocery store or chain. You might have access to all. With all these choices, grocers have to be strategic in who they choose to market to and what message to send. Wilson and Ogden (2008) remind us, “Targeting a general public is useless because people won’t pay attention to a message that isn’t specifically targeted to their self-interests in a channel they use” (p. 84).

The average grocery store customer transaction (in 2014) was $29.90 and the average number of trips to the supermarket is 1.5 (I believe I am personally responsible for how high this number is) (“Supermarket facts”, 2014). That is a lot of milk and bread, but what is the primary demographic for those making these purchases? You mentioned that millennials are leading food trends, but are they surfacing at the checkout at grocery stores? I have a feeling that millennials eat out big time, but I might have the wrong impression about that. Even so, they have to buy some groceries somewhere. You mentioned that millennials want local, craft, and fermented foods and big international flavors. How will ALDI motivate millennials (appeal to their self-interests) when the core of ALDI’s business is not local, craft, fermented foods and international flavors. Its core seems to be mass-produced food staples for the budget-conscious family.

Perhaps ALDI will focus on a few items that are particularly attractive to millennials? Lempert (2015) said that ALDI continues to “win award for [their] wines, chocolates and other foods; certainly fodder to attract those food obsessed Millenials who seem to never want to eat the same food twice in their lifetime.” I would be interested in this! I have never thought of ALDI food as award winning, so I am very curious about this. Perhaps I’ll have to go take myself (and my quarter) to ALDI to check out their chocolate selection!

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