Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival is rolling out a new feature for its cruises: housing families on one floor.  I can see a number of benefits with this arrangement and can imagine young families being more comfortable from a safety perspective.  Carnival seems to be very good at marketing to families.  They are known for carrying more children than any other cruise line (USATODAY, 2013).  By contrast, Royal Caribbean is investing more heavily in the millennial market as a POD for the line.  While I know that all the cruise lines market to this group, it seems that Royal Caribbean is expressing the greatest interest.  Their 2015 commercial promoting Anthem of the Seas, We Will Rock You, clearly targets millennial males.  Celebrity’s cruise line offered a Cannes Film Festival option and has been promoting weeklong European itineraries to millennials (Mann, 2014).  Celebrity’s Vice President of Marketing, Lisa Kaufman, said that “stopovers are very much in tune with how this segment [Gen X] is looking for kind of cool experiences that give them stuff to talk about” (as cited in Mann, 2014).  Bachman (2015) states, “Millennials love to travel in general, although cruises haven’t caught on with the under-40 demographic”. Given that the millennial generation accounts for an estimated $1.3 trillion in annual spending (Sampson, 2014), it makes sense for Royal Caribbean to develop more marketing to project itself as the cruise line to deliver the experiences millennials want.  With more media buys with upbeat commercials like We Will Rock You and interactive experiences on the ship coupled with engaging destinations and shore excursion opportunities,  I believe Royal Caribbean could use this as a point-of-difference in its future integrated marketing campaigns.


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