thHave you heard of FitFlops? If you have never heard of this company, perhaps you should buy a pair of fitFlops to help you with “research” (shameless excuse to buy a new pair of shoes?).

According to Lara Caughman, “FitFlop is a privately held company based in London that manufactures and markets shoes for women, men and kids. The company was launched in 2007 as the brainchild of Marcia Kilgore. The brand positions itself as having shoes that are both cool and comfortable.”  Here is a video from fitFlop.


My opinion? The video and felt like fitFlop was trying to tell the story of its shoe. But it was boring. And wordy. Based on the video, I wasn’t convinced by this brand that it had a real story to tell. It didn’t make me feel anything; it didn’t make me wonder; it didn’t draw me in. Drewniany & Jewler (2014) say that readers must be lured in, this video did not do it for me (p. 121).

Joseph (2013) writes, “The rational elements of your business do little to differentiate you from your competition. They also don’t help you form a relationship with your customers. It’s the emotional benefits you offer that make your company special, turning your business into a brand.” If viewers get through the video (or others similarly made), they might know a little something about the fitFlops, but when push comes to shove would that be enough to inspire a conscious choice at Lord & Taylor when there is another pair of really cute flip flops sitting next to fitFlops?


Drewniany, B. & Jewler, A. (2014). Creative strategy in advertising. (11th ed.) Boston, MA: Wadsworth.

Joseph, J. (2013, July 5). Connectign with customers: How to market to their emotions. Retrieved from

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