I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream

Blue Bonnet, Blue Bell, Blue Bunny. Why did the dairy aisle adopt blue as the team color?

Brands have figured out they must promote meaningful experiences with their customers. Brands must develop long-term strategies for winning market share. It is the reason, for instance, celebrity endorsements don’t always work.

It seems that Blue Bunny’s long-term strategy for resonating with their target market is nostalgia. The brand retains the original blue bunny logo and the packaging has a touch of whimsy to it. For instance, the swirls on some of the novelty ice cream packages remind me of the Moon Pie packages, another brand that uses nostalgia marketing. According to Dua (2015), “Appealing to nostalgia — that yearning for yesteryear — has emerged as a strategic and effective marketing technique in recent years, spilling into not only brands, but also entertainment, fashion, food and more.”

Blue Bunny’s website showcases black-and-white photographs from bygone days to underscore this nostalgic connection. Also, it operates a classic ice cream parlor in a historic downtown location in its home city of Le Mars, Iowa, titled the Ice Cream Capital of the World.

Mark Hinlickity operates an ice cream truck business in Abury Park, New Jersey with a cherry-red 1954 Chevrolet truck. What ice cream does he sell? Only Blue Bunny for “the nostalgia of the products and the health factor” (as cited in Loring, 2015). Hinlickity said, “I’m a health nut. I like to keep my son eating good stuff. So it’s (Blue Bunny) all 100 percent ice cream, not like dairy dessert” (as cited in Loring, 2015).


Will your creative strategy incorporate some elements of nostalgia or will you look to revitalize the brand in some other way?


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