Jeb Bush rolled out an updated logo for his presidential campaign this year.  Some marketing professionals commented that it lacked maturity but that Jeb needed to use it to counterbalance his low-energy vibe.  Some suggest that the problem with Jeb Bush’s logo is that he used an exclamation point.  It was a campaign element from his 1998 campaign that should have been ditched.  The problem seems to lie in the perception of the exclamation point.  It looks like a cheap marketing tactic.  Like Big Lots!


Dahl (2014) claims that exclamation points are “shouty and juvenile”.  They “reflect an emotional outburst or … unwarranted exaggeration, which in turn is perceived as amateurish, marketing oriented or just plainly childish (“The uses of exclamation point, n.d.).  Chartrand (2009) contrasts taglines “Like a rock.” “ Just do it.” and “Think different.” to “Like a rock!”  “Just do it!” and “Think different!”.   The statements “have impact, like a fist” whereas the exclamatory sentences cause you to be “skeptical about the authenticity of the statement” (Chartrand, 2009).   The last thing a politician needs is another reason for voters to be skeptical about a candidate’s authenticity.   I think Bush would have been wise to stand on his own without the aid of the exclamation point.  As Chartrand (2009) said, “If you don’t have confidence in what you’re saying… The exclamation point won’t save you.”


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