My Dad’s Story

I love when a commercial knocks the wind out of you.   The creatives for this commercial used the element of surprise in such a clever way that I literally never saw it coming.  I figured there was a three-act structure in play and the conflict would emerge, but I was genuinely surprised with how intense the conflict was.  Sullivan writes about surprise, “Real surprise, the gasp you hear when you moved a viewer’s whole mind-set from one place to another and in doing so create insight and a fresh new way of seeing- that’s pretty cool” (Sullivan, 2012, p. 210).  I would say I’m not the only one whose “whole mind-set” was “moved” by this commercial, making it a whopping success to me and 11.5 million other viewers.

MetLife Hong Kong. (2015, January 27). My Dad’s Story: Dream for my Child | MetLife.  [Online Video].  Retrieved from:

Sullivan, L. (2012). Hey whipple squeeze this!: A classic guide to creating great ads. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.


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