The city of Nashville has heavily invested in its “Music City” brand identity.  In fact, Governor Bill Haslam approved a budget which included earmarking $8 million for incentives to ABC to continue filming the TV series “Nashville” in Nashville.  “Nashville” is a TV drama which follows the lives of fictitious country music stars and their lives in Nashville.  Scenes in the TV show have featured local hotels, bars, the convention center, and a university.  Local eeb416f68fe537076d0043a223df3131doctors, reporters, musicians have been hired to play themselves on the TV series.  Randy Boyd, the commissioner for the Nashville Department of Economic and Community Development said, “In addition to jobs and economic impact, we also want to be smart and invest in films that portray our state in a good way,” Boyd said. “The Nashville show is just great advertising.”  I would never have suspected that a state government would pay a broadcasting company to film in their state; I would have thought it was the other way around.  It speaks to the power of TV programming as an advertising and branding tool.


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