Packaging as Theatre

“Packaging can be theater, it can create a story.” – Steve Jobs

An article was published last week in Packaging Digest that discussed what consumers want in beauty packaging.  The author named several packaging trends that resonate with consumers.

First, consumers want packaging that dispenses 100% of the product.  Examples of packaging that accomplishes this are: airless dispensing systems, pump-on-tubes, plastic bag-on-valve, springless, dual-chamber airless and even airless jars (Luttenberger, 2015).  We as consumers want access to 100% of the product we buy whether it is toothpaste, lotion or shampoo.

Second, multi-functional packaging is high on the list of consumer wants.  Multi-functional packaging means the packaging can dispense more than one Dual-chamber BPC packaging 72 dpiproduct (like skincare products where consumers have access to anti-aging and moisturizing creams from one package).  Two examples of dual-chamber packages separate the ingredients and offer instructions on how to effectively dispense and use the two-step beauty care product (Luttenberger, 2015).

I wonder how successful Dove would be if it created a lotion that easily dispensed 100% of its lotion in two chambers (i.e. one chamber housed a “moisturizing” lotion and another chamber housed an “advanced repair” or “anti-itch” cream).  Do you think the novelty of this type of packaging would draw consumers in or would it be met with skepticism and seen as gimmicky?


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