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I love Honda’s “Paper” commercial.  I remember the first time I saw it I literally had to stop what I was doing to watch it.  It is what Sullivan would call “visually powerful”.  In fact, he says, “Let your TV concept by so visually powerful that a viewer would get it with the sound turned off” (Sullivan, 2012, p. 202).  I love the sounds in the commercial (revving engines, screeching wheels, roaring airliner), but I would totally get this commercial without it.

Honda has been very successful with its commercials that focus on its brand personality: innovation.  A Rube Goldberg was created solely from Honda parts to showcase their Honda Accord in a 2003 commercial titled “Cog”.  A 2013 commercial, “Hands”, focuses on a Honda engineer who says, “Let’s see what curiosity can do”.   Objects in his hands morph in ways that demonstrate how Honda has innovated over the past 7 decades.  Both commercials are stunning. What better way to showcase your innovative brand than to be innovative in the communication of it!


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