Shooting for the Stars, Not bucking the system | Starbucks

Starbucks uses a variety of marketing avenues to reach their customer. Instead of relying solely on digital platforms or sales promotions or loyalty programs, Starbucks effectively markets across many channels to elicit a response from their customers. One of Starbucks’ marketing strengths lies in their ability to “reach their audience digitally- through their app and other mobile experiences”. Tech Crunch finds that apps dominate when it comes to where customer’s spend their time on mobile devices.sbux

Either way, marketers must understand the value of mobile marketing as it “truncates the lead-to-sales pipeline dramatically” (Wells, 2013). Wells contends that fast conversion happens because customers using mobile devices (as opposed to Internet use from home) are ready to buy. He claims that “70% of all mobile searches result in action within one hour whereas “70% of online searches lead to action within one month” (Wells, 2013). Starbucks is wise to invest in direct marketing via mobile channels to entice their customer to drop by their nearest Starbucks to purchase their favorite coffee or tea.


Wells, J. (2013, January 7). Mobile marketing: Best direct response marketing ever? Direct Marketing News. Retrieved from

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