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shoprite_from_homeI was at a friend’s house recently  While we were talking about the pain of grocery shopping, she literally got up, got her laptop and showed me how she buys her groceries from Shoprite from Home.

She was so excited about her newfound love of grocery shopping from her computer that she PHYSICALLY showed me how she used digital coupons on the site, how it saved her orders so she could reorder products that she loved, and how it even suggested recipes for her to use based on her shopping cart.  My point is that she was no longer an idle customer- she had become a brand advocate!  Adam Goran (2015) wrote,

If a brand can earn the trust of its audience of potential brand advocates, and engage them in a meaningful way; for example, providing them with the right information and content, as well as exclusive, personal benefits and discounts, the inside track to upcoming new products and exclusive access to events, it will deliver a community of advocates that will drive increases in recency, frequency and value.

I am finding that people are pretty loyal to their grocery stores, especially as their grocers are finding more and more ways to meet their needs on the digital front.
Goran, A.  (2015, July 20).  Mastering brand advocacy in the digital age.  Retrieved from

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