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While I have not subscribed to Birchbox, I think the premise is smart.


Women love variety. Women love personalization. Women love cosmetics.  Cosmetics are expensive.


Provide women with affordable, customized, cosmetic samples every month.  In a beautiful box.  With accompanying how-to videos that drives them to your site to further endear your brand to them.  Mark Bailey, Chemistri Group director said this about customization,

This year, it’s all about me, me, me: Customisation and personalisation based on demonstrated behaviour will be critical. Customers in a more competitive climate than ever are saying know me, listen to me, don’t bombard with anything and everything but talk to me and engage with me intelligently – don’t waste my time (as cited in Cameron, 2015).  (British spellings)

As I was writing this, I started wondering, “Does Birchbox have a similar subscription-based service for men?”  It may be no surprise to you, but I was surprised to see on their website that it does!


“Birchbox Man” from

Men are sent a box each month with various grooming products and can access the site for a whole array of  how-to videos from “How to properly apply moisturizer” to “How to style a comb-over”. Do you believe men respond/appreciate customization in this arena as much as women?  Does the same type of marketing work here for men and women?


Cameron, N.  (2015, February 4). Digital marketing predictions 2015- Part 2: Getting the strategy right.  Retrieved from

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