The 5 “A”s of Apple

Apple has succeeded at influencing what Keller (2013) calls “customer mindset” which includes a customer’s thoughts, feelings, experiences, images, perceptions, beliefs and attitudes about a brand (p. 101). To measure how successful your brand is at resonating with customers, he suggests using the “5 As” list to measure: awareness, associations, attitudes, attachment and activity.

When you see an Apple ad, you KNOW it is an Apple ad.

As I watched a dozen Apple commercials today, it hit me that (with the exception of a 2015 Christmas commercial) there is an Apple product in nearly every shot of every single commercial.

Most people associate the brand with positive qualities- Apple products are shown as easy to use, they solve everyday problems and some extraordinary problems, etc. Apple commercials are typically light with a dose of cheery. This positive association really resonates with customers.

In terms of attitude, the ads reflect that customers will be satisfied with the quality of the product (there are a lot of happy people in Apple commercials!). Even teenagers who are notoriously sullen are brought back to life with Apple products.

The customer mindset is evidenced by the final two“As”- attachment and activity. If your brand has caught on, customers will be so attached to your products that they will resist the urge to change brands and may even form such a strong attraction that it evolves into addiction. Don’t we all know someone this is true for when it comes to Apple? Lastly, activity- customers will seek and share your brand. They will look you up online, show up in your stores, follow you on Twitter, like you on Facebook, tell their friends about you, etc.

Keller, K. L. (2013). Strategic brand management: Building, measuring and managing brand equity. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Quinn, S. (2015, September 25). Why Do People Love Apple SO Much? Business 2 Community. [Online image]. Retrieved from

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