The $600 Haircut

Hillary600HaircutIn addition to seeking millennials, Hillary Clinton is hoping to win over the middle class.  She is hoping that with help from people like Tom Vilsack, Agriculture Secretary and former Iowa governor, she will be more appealing to this demographic.   Vilsack said last month of Mrs. Clinton, “This is a person who is rooted in the middle class. She grew up in the middle class. She’s never left the middle class in terms of her values and her concerns and her thoughts and her programs” (as cited in Bassali, 2015).

Set aside that the Clintons’ net worth is over $11 million (Epstein, 2015), the problem is that Hillary is building a for-the-middle-class-campaign while paying $600 for haircuts.  In July of this year, a side entrance to Bergdorf Goodman was shut down on Fifth Avenue so she could get a new feathered haircut for this exorbitant price.  Bill Clinton had received blowback for a 1993 haircut dubbed “Hairgate”.  Two of four runways were shutdown at LAX airport, some incoming flights were forced to circle and Air Force One idled at taxpayer expense so that Clinton could get a $200 haircut (Friedman, 1993).  In terms of branding, perhaps the Clintons should be more consistent with their brand message.  I think this is the sort of problem Romney got into in the 2012 Presidential election. Voters are looking for reasons to doubt the authenticity of candidates.  They are trained to do that. Presidential hopefuls can’t hand those reasons to voters on a silver platter like Mrs. Clinton did with her $600 haircut.

One last note- the haircut made way for a memorable meme to emerge online.  The last thing Mrs. Clinton needed was to look like another Donald Trump.  The haircut gave her critics an opportunity to highlight the similarities between Mrs. Clinton and Donald Trump in a less-than-flattering way.


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