The Internet of Things: App-t to Change Everything?

I am a dedicated anti-clutterist.  I keep my counter tops free, I think twice before buying home decor, and I get Christmas-like excited when I reorganize the pantry or clean out a closet.  I REALLY hate having a cluttered smartphone.  I put my favorite apps on my home screen and fight the urge to delete all the apps on my other screens.  That is a preface to: it takes a lot for me to download a new app. Because I know that if I want to access it, I have to scroll.  I hate scrolling.

But what if someone smarter than me came along and said, “You know what.  I’m not going to make you scroll anymore.  You can have your cake and eat it, too.  You can have your apps as a destination for when you want to go there, but I’m going to create a system where you open your phone and the most relevant content (regardless of what app is used to deliver said content) has been pushed to the forefront.  So you get what content you want, when you want it, sans scrolling through all the independent apps that need to be opened to use them.”  Hallelujah.

One blogger, Paul Adams of Intercom, suggested this might be the future of apps.  He suggested that iOSand Android have moved toward notifications over destinations, that functionality

is being developed into interactive notifications so that consumers can have the full app experience in the notification rather than having to actually go into the app itself.  Adams says we are drifting away from notifications as signposts to containers (cards) that include

content, and actions on that content.

Some believe advancements in the Internet of Things will help streamline the user experience by developing operating software that allows apps to better communicate with each other.  This frees consumers from the need to visit independent app destinations to get the digital content they want from their devices.  Consolidating software is a win-win for the consumer who wants a simpler digital experience.

I, for one, can’t wait!

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