The Power of Being Just a Kid | Powerade

I think Coke’s Share-A-Coke campaign is brilliant. Share-A-Coke is connecting share-a-cokewith people on a personal level. Who doesn’t want to see their name on a soda can? This kind of promotion creates “emotional bonds with brands, which results in positive psychological movement toward them” (Belch & Belch, 2015, p 307).

Powerade, a subsidiary of Coca-Cola has done something similar with its brand by putting hometowns on apparel to promote their “Just A Kid” campaign.
The Just a Kid Campaign launched with a 30-second commercial called “Rose from Concrete”. The late Tupac Shakur narrates a poem he wrote, The Rose that Grew from Concrete, while a young Chicagoan, a symbolic version of Derrick Rose, rides the streets of south Chicago to get to the basketball court.


The inspirational commercial highlights the fact that we are ALL “just a kid from somewhere”. Just like Derrick Rose overcame adversity (a torn ACL in 2012 which benched him during the NBA playoffs of that year), we can all “power through” it just as he did. The end of the commercial reveals a picture of Powerade and the words “Power Through” followed by a picture of Derrick Rose wearing a sweatshirt that says “Just a Kid from Chicago”.

Now anyone who wants to be “just a kid from somewhere” can be. Powerade partnered with BrandShop to produce limited-edition custom apparel (t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, etc.) with “Just a Kid from…”. The customer can put his 1,width=800,height=800,appearanceId=2,version=1443393387hometown on the clothing and promote where he comes from. What a genius way to connect your target with your brand, continue to build brand equity and generate revenue at the same time! Reuben Hendell, co-founder and CEO of BrandShop (2015) said, “POWERADE’s Just a Kid custom apparel brand marketplace is representative of how content and commerce can work in unison to deliver a more engaging experience for consumers.” In addition to breaking through the advertising clutter with an emotionally appealing ad, Powerade amalgamated their message across several platforms and strengthened the relationship between their brand and their customers.


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