The Value of Agile Marketing | Oreo & AMC


Oreo has a brilliant marketing plan in place and has hired some forward thinkers to manage its social media. The “You can still dunk in the dark” is nothing short of genius. Ward (2014) says Oreo is the perfect example of agile marketing. Quoting Bruce Daisley, the UK managing director for Twitter, Ward (2014) writes, “Marketers must adopt an in-the-moment approach to using their social network. Rather than waiting for events to occur and reacting to them, brands will prove more successful if they target keyword trends and peak conversation times to deliver on-topic messaging”.

The AMC vs. Oreo Twitter war is another example of Oreo being quick-on-the-draw. You mentioned, Jeff that Oreo likes to have fun with other brands and be “conversational”. In 2012, Oreo tweeted this question to its followers, “Ever bring your own Oreo cookies to the movie theater? #slicksnacker”. The back and forth between the brands is fun and engaging. (See below).





What could have turned into a war or AMC responding with a traditional “No Food Allowed” in stiff, corporate-ese, the two brands took the opportunity to express their personalities and gain some followers on Twitter. Schamberger (2012) reminds us that brands are “created and run by people- so, by extension, they’re people too.” Companies need to develop and project a company personality. She continues that “consumers are bombarded by brands…By showing the personal side of your business and telling your brand story, you’ll have a much better chance at forming a connection with a customer—and that sort of relationship-centric marketing can prove hugely valuable in the long-run.”


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