Tweens Get Justice

0515-HP_04Did you know that Justice offers additional clothing sizes for tween girls. After doing a little research, I learned that Ascena Retail Group (owner of the Justice brand) markets to women of all sizes and ages. They segment their market based on age. Justice appeals to tween girls, Maurice’s clothes are for women 17-34, Lane Bryant markets to women 35-55 shopping for high quality clothes and the Dressbarn caters to women of the same age shopping for value-priced clothing (Ascena, 2015). All of these retail stores have plus-size clothing, but their store, Catherine’s, carries an even broader selection of full-figured apparel and markets primarily to women 45 years and up.

What is interesting about this brand is how the retailer prioritizes positive interactions with tween girls.  Their goal is that every touch point is successful so that a Justice tween girl will become a lifetime brand ambassador for Ascena. She may be shopping at Maurice’s in college, Lane Bryant when she gets her first job, etc. The brand has a greater chance of retaining her as a customer because she knows the brand suits her needs. In fact, because of their brand equity, she might be willing to pay extra for it and not wait for a coupon to arrive in her inbox. Belch & Belch (2015) claim, “Companies recognize that brand equity is as important an asset as factories, patents, and cash because strong brands have the power to command a premium price from consumers as well as investors.”

A sidenote- I was very surprised by the survey. It surprises me that 87% of people who receive an email with a coupon or a discount would make use of it the following week.


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