Twitter | Riding the (Magic) Pony

While you might think that Magic Pony is nothing but child’s play, I assure you it is not.  As a leader in artificial intelligence and visual processing, Magic Pony Technology is well-positioned to make a significant impact on high-performance computing.

Alex Hern of The Guardian says founders Rob Bishop and Zehan Wang began collaborating in 2014 on “machine learning to build improved systems for visual processing”.  Machine learning starts with a neural network (a system created to work like a human brain- artificial intelligence) being taught about attributes of images and then developing the capability to make correct inferences about visuals.  With this technology, lost information due to blurry pictures can be restored or new images can be created without an original.  With photographs taken on-the-go with less than optimal built-in smartphone cameras, Magic Pony’s technology can greatly enhance images and even fill in where the camera falls short.  Having the ability to create images based on limited information (pixelated images, damaged photographs, pictures with cut-off images) is until now unheard of.  Additionally, this technology aids in the development of images for virtual and augmented reality.


In a world where images and video rule the day and social networks are clamoring to be the one who offers the greatest and latest, it is no wonder that Twitter recently purchased Magic Pony for a reported $150m.  According to Twitter, this technology will be used to build strength in their deep-learning teams so that Twitter will be “the best place to see what’s happening and why it matters, first”.  Twitter hopes that by enhancing live and video, it will set the social media giant above other networks like Facebook and Instagram.   Having already purchased Periscope in 2015, this acquisition certainly points to Twitter’s aim at being the image and video sharing destination online.


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