Under a Microscope: How do Consumers feel about Micro-location Targeting?

I found myself with a little time to kill when my son was at climbing team practice last night.  The mall was across the street and so I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to sit where there was free WiFi to catch up on some articles I wanted to read.  Can you imagine how amused I was when I sat down on a sofa across from Tiffany’s to read an article on my smartphone to find an ad for Tiffany’s staring me straight in the face from my smartphone?


Proximity advertising (also known as location targeting, geomarketing, or radius targeting) takes advantage of GPS to determine where consumers are.  However, some companies are combining emerging technologies (GPS, WiFi, BLE) to determine micro-locations (where you are EXACTLY in the mall) so that their ads are most relevant to you.

Micro-location targeting pinpoints your exact indoor location to within a few feet and delivers that information to companies interested in marketing to you… right now! Developments in contextual computing allow companies to collect situational and environmental information about consumers and use it to anticipate their needs and offer solutions in real time.  This technology, combined with sensors embedded in consumers’ smartphones that detect what they are doing and where are doing it, has the power to be super cool or super creepy!

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