Kim Button is a primitive marketer.  Her interest is in creating and managing identity for brands.  She applies research-proven marketing theories, concepts and ideologies to modern-day clients in all areas of traditional and digital consumer communication. She understands the science behind why customers believe this but not that, why they click here rather than there, why they ignore this but share that.

In applying seemingly primitive marketing principles, brands are exposed to the most sophisticated integrated marketing communications (IMC) applications.  Why? Because throwing up YouTube videos or shelling out for banner ads may not be the logical marketing application for your brand.   Kim believes you don’t necessarily have to use the same platforms that your competitors are using.  Primitive marketers apply thoughtful, customized marketing strategies to your business based on your goals, your customers, your product and your market.  Applying insights gained about your audience, Primitive Marketing believes in leveraging your core strengths to create salient brand perceptions that will cause consumer conversion and ultimately move the needle for your brand.

As the media environment grows more and more fragmented, companies are turning to branding agencies to integrate their marketing strategies across channels. Primitive Marketers are skilled practitioners with IMC experience who take a strategic business approach to marketing as opposed to applying one-size-fits-all marketing tactics.  They pride themselves on customizing a branding portfolio for you, one that will maximize demand for your product or service.

Kim holds a master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications.  She can be reached at kim@primitivemarketing.com.  Be in touch to see what branding strategies she believes are right for you.